Finding Land Cover Marian Pierce

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North Street Book Prize (2020)
Honorable Mention, Literary Fiction


Finding Land is a gem. An intimate, funny, fascinating collection of stories about adopted homes and otherness, about drifting in and out of love. A true joy to read.”

–Nathan Englander, recipient of the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, and author of Dinner at the Center of the Earth


“The power of Marian Pierce’s finely crafted, deeply compelling fiction is most distinctive in the maturity of its vision. What happens when roles are no longer defined by a single culture, no longer clear or communicable? Pierce offers a vision of how precarious, how tenuous our connections can be—to our habits, our identities, our beloveds, our deepest selves— and also how tenacious. Questions of romance become small; unlikely connections with strangers, animals, and neighbors become large. Japanese haiku appear throughout like unexpected blossoms, and this novel is itself like a series of haiku—alert to human contradiction and the way our environments—among crows or snow or the pink rain of cherry blossom petals—shape and change us. How beautiful, this novel’s arrival, from the deep heart.”

–Mary Szybist, winner of the National Book Award in Poetry for Incarnadine

Marian Pierce