Truth, love and self-suffering

“Learning Gandhi’s religion and philosophy was really important to me. Truth, love and self-suffering were the basis of his movement. I went to a Catholic grammar school and we learned the 10 commandments. One was to be truthful, but it was truthful to be good. Gandhi talked about truth in order to have accurate info about what you’re facing. If you’re not truthful, it’s garbage in, garbage out. I thought of this later, but if the scientists who were trying to get to the moon had decided 2+2 equals 1, we never would have made it to the moon. Businesses lie, we lie in relationships. No wonder we’re in a primitive state socially. Reverend James Lawson went to India to study Gandhian principles and philosophy and as luck had it, came back to Nashville to attend graduate school. He gave workshops once a week. John Lewis was already going and I decided to attend because I was looking for an organization to combat segregation and there was none.”

Diane Nash, in an interview at Notre Dame University, January 20, 2020

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